How do I create sets?

You can create your sets at quizlet.com.

How do I add sets?

Use the “+” on the start screen.

How do I find sets?

Use can search Quizlet for public sets based on the title, a term in the set, the creator of a set or the ID of a set.

How do I find the Quizlet ID of a set?

Set IDs can be found when looking at a set in Quizlet. The ID is the numeric code in the address bar.

I can’t find my set when searching.

Make sure your set is public.

How do I navigate when familiarizing?

Just swipe left or right. Tap on the term to see the definition. If there is a picture, tap on it to see a larger version.

How can I see a larger form of a picture?

Just tap on it.

How can I review what I got right and wrong after seeing my score in a test?

Use the up and down arrows in the top left of the screen.

How can I make iReview not worry about the case of letters or extra white space or punctuation?

In Settings (available from the gear on the main screen) you can adjust all of these.

How can I type in languages that have different characters?

Go to the iPhone’s Settings application and navigate to General then to Keyboard, then to International Keyboards and turn on any languages you need.

What if I have further questions?

Send an email to iReview email addressPlease include which version of iReivew you have.